202407021Date and Time:  Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Venue:  Mini-hall, Abista

Participants:  8 students and 6 volunteer teachers, totaling 14 people                 (No.24-10)

202407027The AIRA Tuesday Class, which usually gives lessons in groups based on each student's language skills, held a special event today.

It was emceed by Mr. Shimizu.  First, Ms. Makino introduced Myanmar’s culture, customs, history, and so on by showing a slideshow.202407028

After that, the students played “Myanmar Karuta” in two groups.  “Karuta (cards)-tori” is a card-grabbing game.  On the cards, there are the photos from the slideshow.  The game was played in two rounds and the students who took many cards were awarded “Hyo-sho-jo” certificate.

During the break, they did yoga and played “Janken”, the Japanese version of “Rock, Paper, and Scissors,” guided by Ms. Omori, who instructed them the way of breathing which helped them relax. 

They were also amused to experience a different culture, wearing “Longyi”, a traditional Myanmar costume.

There are fewer teachers in the Tuesday Class this year, but the teachers collaborated in preparing this great lesson today, making the most of their individual strengths.

Note:“Myanmar Karuta,” is also called “Yangon Karuta,” through which people can learn Myanmar’s history, culture, landscapes, people’s lifestyle, etc.  It was created using funds collected through crowdfunding.  Each set of “Karuta” consists of two groups of cards: cards with photos and one “Hiragana” letter (Japanese alphabet), and another group with short descriptions starting with one“Hiragana,”  from あ (a)  to わ (wa).

Translated by Chizu Yamaguchi