202405101Date and Time  : Friday, May 10th, 13:30 ~ 14:20

Exchange Party : 14:30 ~ 15:20

Venue               : Abiko Civic Plaza multi-purpose hall

Attendees         : 49 people                                                                                                     (No. 24-3)

The Annual General Meeting was held to discuss activities for FY 2024, which was moderated by ADACHI Noriko.   Pei Qi Li, a student of the AIRA Japanese language class (from China), made opening remarks.

Following the address by AIRA President KITAJIMA Fumiko, Abiko City Mayor, HOSHINO Junichiro, (Honorary President of AIRA), the Chairperson of the Abiko City Councill, HAYAKAWA Makoto (Advisor to AIRA) delivered short remarks respectively.202405102202405103

President KITAJIMA, Chairperson, opened the discussion, as shown below.

  • Agenda item 1: Report on FY 2023 activities
  • Agenda item 2: Fiscal statement for FY 2023

202405104202405105202405106Vice President MURAKOSHI reported the activities for the previous year.  Thanks to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in May 2023, the activities for FY 2023 were carried out in the same way as the pre-pandemic time.   However, there have been no interactions with international students, requests for homestays from abroad, or a full recovery of the numbers of students of the foreign language classes yet. Exchanges with overseas students were conducted exclusively online.

The financial statements were reported by Accountant YODA and audit report by Auditor INOUE.  Both Agenda items, 1 and 2, were unanimously approved.

  • Agenda item 3: Proposal for directors, auditors, officers for FY 2024

This year is the biennial election year.  The proposal was approved as proposed, which elected President of Chuo Gakuin University, OMURA Yoshiyuki as the new AIRA President.202405107

The new President of AIRA subsequently led the meeting as Chairperson to discuss the following agenda items.

  • Agenda item 4: Proposal for the activities for FY 2024
  • Agenda item 5: Proposal for the budget plan for FY 2024

Vice President MURAKOSHI provided a comprehensive overview of the business plan, followed by individual explanations from each director, which was similar to the previous year.  Accountant YODA explained the budget plan, which adhered to the plan of the previous year.  The proposed business plans of Agenda 4 and 5 were unanimously approved.  The new President OMURA introduced the advisor. 

There were three questions and answers, as shown below:

  • The hours of dispatching Japanese language teachers to schools

In response to the request from the municipal board of education, AIRA dispatches Japanese teachers to assist children who need support twice a week, totaling 32 times for one term in principle.  The interpreters help elementary school students for 45 minutes and junior high-school students for 50 minutes during each period.

  • Teaching ways in the Japanese language class

One volunteer instructor takes care of a couple of students divided into small groups depending on their language abilities.  The instructors use textbooks and other teaching materials based on the students’ individual needs. 

  • Collaboration with the bar association and the administrative scrivener association in responding to consultations from foreign residents.

The AIRA secretariat and the Japanese language-class instructors give advice to foreign residents when they seek advice.  If necessary, the consultation is taken over to the professional members who have contact with the above-mentioned associations.

Finally, the Annual General Meeting ended with the closing remarks by Pei Qi Li.   After the meeting, an exchange party was held at the same place and a toast was made by President OMURA.  The members enjoyed conversation among themselves, while AIRA activities were shown on the screen with folklore music as BGM.

(Translated by KOYAMA  Hitomi)

The lisy of the Board Members