20190127All coordinators of AIRA foreign languages classes met at the meeting room No. 1 at Abiko Civic Plaza to exchange views with AIRA secretariat. The talk covers not only the matters to be reflected for the current year but also the management policy for the coming fiscal year.(No.18-18)
    Date & Time :  15:00 ~ 16:30   January 27 (Sun) , 2019
    Venue:         Meeting Room No. 1,  Abiko Civic Plaza
   Attendees:     17 Coordinators of each Foreign Language Classes ( for this year and the coming year),
    3 members from the Foreign Languages Dept.
    5 members from the Secretariat etc (Total 25 attendees)
The purpose of the coordinators meeting was to make smooth management of the Foreign Language Classes, AIRA’s major component.  Mr. Beppu from the Foreign Language Dept. chaired the meeting.  Followed by a few words by Mr. Uehara, Director of the Dept, each coordinator made self-introduction. President Mr.Hesaki also said a few words.
Mr. Uehara outlined the classes which are to open for the next fiscal year.  He added the application information which would be run on the Newsletter Abiko City on the March 16th issue, 15 days earlier than usual.  Consequently, the application period will be earlier than usual, from March 16th to March 31st.  A new program named “4-session Travel English” will start in April.
Foreign Language Classes are organized in cooperation with coordinators and students.  After instructors chose their text books, the coordinators make reservations for their classes, share the information among students and liaise with the secretariat.  A series of voluntary work enables to run the classes at low cost and makes students build closer friendship.

The followings are the views and questions made by the coordinators.
1.  Compile and write down the overall work of coordinator as they take a turn every year.
2.  Put posters at public places like “Abista” to make people know that AIRA has provided multi-language classes.  Posters in multi-languages might be highly welcome.
3. It might be better if potential students are able to observe the class anytime they want through a year.
4.   Application related questions:
I)  What is the minimum number of students in opening a class?  Some classes are now provided by reducing the frequency of classes, though.
II) When there are more applicants than expected, in what ways are the students chosen?  By lot?  Or is any consideration given to continuing students?  Doesn’t AIRA plan to open more classes?
III) There are some classes whose tuition was  raised even though the capacity of classes is the same as others and the enrollment limit is also the same.  What is the reason why the tuition is different?
After answering these questions, Mr. Arai from the Foreign Language Dept.asked the attendees to recommend some foreigners who will serve as instructors for “the Cross-Cultural Lectures ” and will introduce students their culture and life in their country.
Director of the Public Relations, Mr.Nakamura asked them to let students know some events uploaded on the web page. 
If there are any problems in classes, please inform them to the Secretariat.  He also urged the coordinators for the coming fiscal year to make the classes more active, by planning some activities like a trip or a party.  He concluded his talk by asking them to apply for being the members of the Foreign Language Dept.who will plan and run both Foreign Language Classes and Cross Clutural Lectures .
                                                              (Translated by Ms.Hitomi Koyama)