201812171The proceeds from the sales of “Aho-dori Manju” (red & white buns with bean-jam filling branded with an albatross) at the 27th Abiko International Festival held on Nov 25th  were donated to Yamashina Institute for Ornithology together with the donations  from AIRA members. (No.18-17)
Date & time: Dec 17th(Mon),2018  11:00~1:30
Venue: Yamashina Institute for Ornithology, Chairman’s room
Attendants: {Yamashina} Mr.Motohiro Mibu, Chairman, Mr. Masatoshi Hojyo, Secretary General, Mr.Takashi Hiraoka, Communication Director
{AIRA} Mr.Yasuhiko Hesaki, President,  Ms.Fumiko Kitajima, Vice President, Mr.Yukio Kawashima(Public Relations),  Ms.Miyako Sakatsume(Secretariat)
AIRA sells “Aho-dori manju” at Abiko International Festival and donates the proceeds every year in order to back up Yamashina Institute for Ornithology that has been working for revival and conservation of the endangered species, albatross. The population of albatross in 1992, when the project of translocation of albatross was realized, was around 500 only, but in 2017, it was  recovered to 4,600 (around 800 couples).  In 2018, the birds that had been bred artificially have successfully propagated at Mukojima of Ogasawara Islands. This is the 3rd time of success.
It appears that some conservation works through global cooperation would be required at Alaska Strait, etc. where albatross, one of the migratory birds, will fly to, from summer to autumn.
                                   (Translated by Mr.K.Nakajima)