201812151“Supporters Training Course for Foreigners against Disasters”of the Chiba sponsorship was held in Abiko city which is to train volunteers to support foreigners when any disaster occurred. AIRA extended cooperation to this course by sending some foreigners, etc. (No.18-16)

Date and Time:
  First Day : Dec. 8th(Sat.)    13:00 ~17:00
  Second Day : Dec. 15th (Sat.) 10:00 ~ 16:30
Venue: Abiko Civic Plaza, Hall/Gallery/ No.1 conference room
Participants: 5 Students of AIRA Japanese language class, Mr. Takayuki Nakamura (Director of AIRA Public Relations)

In recent years, foreigners living in Abiko city are increasing and in some areas, one person per 10 of the inhabitants (approx..12%) is a foreigner. On the other hand, increase of foreigners is getting remarkable domestically as well due to the introduction of Status of Residence granted for holders of “special skills”.
Under such circumstances, how can we support foreigners living in Abiko when disasters such as large scale of earthquakes, torrential rains, etc. occurred?
Chiba Pref. is holding a training course aiming to train supporting volunteers and also to make a human network with relevant people. It was held in Abiko this year following Kashiwa of last year. AIRA staffs participated as supporting volunteers and dispatched some foreign students of Japanese language class for the training.
This course was held in 2 days consisting of lectures and training of shelter patrol  upon installation of a supporting center. 
On the 1st day and in the morning of the 2nd day, following lectures were carried out; “Problems which may occur to foreigners at disasters and roles of volunteers” “Activities at multi-language supporting center” “Information service to foreigners living in Japan and easy Japanese words at disasters” Following these lectures, the participants were divided into some groups to discuss such themes as “Disaster outbreak! What will you do?” “Installation of multi-language supporting center.”
In the morning of the 2nd day, training of shelter patrol was executed. A foreigner acted as a troubled foreigner at the installed shelter and a supporter made an assistance of information service, etc.
Mr. Takayuki Nakamura (Director of Public Relations) of AIRA reported their activities for the foreigners living in Abiko to meet with the globalization of Abiko city and another lecture was made by Citizens Safety Section of Abiko about disaster prevention. After that, both supporters and foreigners received a simulator training at which supporters got trained to report the troubled situation of traffic and buildings, supporting system, service of living facilities, clothes, food, etc. as well as to hear troubles at sheltering life. The supporters participated in this training course worked sincerely having such words in their mind that “If it is not possible in normal times, it shall be impossible in emergencies as well.”

(Translated by Mr.K.Nakajima)