201811071A lecturer was dispatched to Abiko high school to perform a lecture aiming to have students deepen international understanding which is a part of class at Abiko high school. (No.18-13)
Date & time: Nov 7th(Wes), 2018 14:25~15:25
Venue      : Gymnasium of Chiba Prefectural Abiko high school
Attendants  : First grade 323 students(8 classes)
Dispatched lecturer: Mr.Yasuhiko Hesaki( President,AIRA)
Since the students of 「National Hualien Commercial High School」, Taiwan visited Abiko high school and communicated each other in December,2016, Abiko high school has been encouraging the students to pay more attention abroad and trying to promote international understanding through school excursion to Taiwan etc. This lecture is the 2nd time since last year’s.
「Understand different cultures- Diversity of religion・nation・language」was the subject and the lecturer talked while referring to his experiences of living in foreign countries.
The more foreigners visit Japan , the more opportunities to communicate with them are increasing. The contents of the lecture were highlighted to let the students promote  international understanding through religions because they would have less opportunities to get in touch with Islamic people. It is one of key factors for better understanding of worldwide history to know the developmental and expanding process as well as the difference of Christianity and Islam. The way of belief such as 「God」created human beings or 「God」 promised the land to live would become a good reference for  interacting with foreigners. Also, knowing about the difference of thinking process between agricultural people and hunting people and the difference in grammatical sequence of words of each language would surely be helpful for the students to improve their international understanding.
(Translated by Mr.Katsumi Nakajima)