2018110612nd Advisory Council of this year was held.(No.18-12)
  Date & time: Nov 6th(Tue),2018 14:00~15:20
  Venue        : Abiko Civic Plaza, No.1 conference room
  Attendants  : 18 Members (stated below)

Subjects were ① 「27th Abiko International Festival」② 「Progress of the projects of the entire association and each department」 as a report matter and ③「The interim income and expenditure report of FY2018 」
Re. Abiko International Festival, all performers have been fixed and necessary preparations for opening are under progress with kind cooperation by each  executive committee member and staffs.
Re. the entire association’s projects, it was reported that (1)the recitation by elementary school children was held for the first time at the speech contest,(2) the intensive instruction class was held for the trainees for Japanese language certification for the first time at the evening class and (3) the three lessons( the primary class for English conversation, the introduction class for Chinese conversation and the primary & middle class for Korean) were unable to be held.
After the board meeting was over, the attendants made self- introduction and exchanged updated information for their present situation, international relations etc. As such, very significant communication was achieved.
Attendants<< Japanese syllabary order, honorifics omitted>>
[Director] Yasuko Shibata(Chairman,Abiko city Cultural Circuit),Kenji Shirado ( General Manager,Chiba Bank, Abiko branch ),Mochizuki(Abiko city), Osamu Kikuchi(Asst. General Manager of Lifelong Learning Center),  Eiji Tanaka(NEC),Satoru Tanaka( Rep. of Jr High School Committee, Principal of Shirayama Jr High School), Norihiro Doi(Rep. of Medical Association), Noboru Noguchi( Asst. General Manager, Japan UNESCO Association), Masatoshi Hojyo( Yamashina Institute for Ornithology),Mitsuyo Yaguchi(Chuo Gakuin High School)

[Director・Officer] Noriko Adachi(Manager of Administration Dept.),Hitoshi Ichikawa(Vice President: President of Chuo Gakuin University), Takeshi Ideguchi(Accounting Director),Masamoto Uehara(Manager of Study & Culture Dept. ),Fumiko Kitajima(Vice President), Miyako Sakatume(AIRA Secretariat), Takayuki Nakamura(Manager of Public Relation Dept.),Koichi Murakoshi(Vice President, VP of Abiko city Chamber of Commerce),Yasuhiko Hesaki(President, Manager of Volunteer Activity Dept.)
(Translated by Mr.Katsumi Nakajima)