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Abiko International Relation Association

Activities of AIRA

Cultural Course “Calligraphy Experience for foreigners”

1710271For many foreigners particularly those beginners in Japan, shuji, calligraphy must be undoubtedly one of the attractive subjects to learn. AIRA has been lighting up a candle of calligraphy lesson as one of the cultural courses for foreigners for fairly long period. “Let’s try to write my favorite words in kanji” was today’s theme.   (17-15)

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Lecture at Abiko Senior High School 2017

17101120Abiko Senior High School that wants to promote developing global human resources requested AIRA to dispatch a person who can give a lecture on the experiences residing abroad. AIRA sent one of the members who lived in foreign countries for a long time as a lecturer.(No. 17-14)

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